Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

1. How to Request Movies?
 -Join Our Telegram Group.

2. Do You have a Download Tutorial/Guidelines?
 -Visit Our How to Download Page.

3. Why do we require to log-in with Google Account to Download Movies?
 -It requires login, So It can create a file (which You are downloading) in your Google Drive. Then it will start downloading from your file that is created.

4. Why we don’t provide Direct Download Link? 
 -Google Drive Account has its own download limit. After the limit, you can’t download the files. So to overcome this problem, we use Google Drive Login Method. It’s a very Easy, Fast and Safe Method.

5. Why we Grant access to Share GDrive/GDrive Links for our Google Account?
 -Because It will save file in your Google drive then download. For that, it requires Your Google account permission.

6. Which Browser do you Recommend to Watch Movies Online?
 -For Watch online We only Recommended you Chrome & Firefox.

7. Is Sign Up is Required on this Website?
 -It’s is not mandatory, But to enjoy our Users panel, You should Log-in.

8. What are the features of the User Panel?
 -You Can make a list of your favorite movies, Also you add watched movie if you already watched.

9. Is my Sign-Up is being used?
 -No, You sign up data is totally safe.

10. Getting this Error in Downloading [See Image]?

 -Sometimes when you download files in bulk give this error OR when an issue with your IP. However, Don’t worry Check the file in your File is Already there. Download from it :).

Do You have more Questions?
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